Are you the type of person that likes to save time and money?

Discover how to do both of these things and keep a portion of your garbage from going to the landfill.


'Trash Talk'-Book One
It's Easy to be Green!

Copyright 2012 Trash Talk. All rights reserved.

Imagine if one could see all the trash generated in your lifetime trailing behind you like a jetstream. All the baby food containers, diapers, packaging, food waste, bottles, cans – all of it. Now imagine that we all have a jetstream that we left behind somewhere and you get an idea why it is so important to Re-think our thinking.

If everyone could simply cut back a small percentage of their contribution to the landfills it would make a huge difference! Trash Talk will give you the knowledge to do that and better!


  • What to look for when purchasing product.
  • How to get manufacturers to listen to you as a consumer.
  • Reducing the amount of packaging you are stuck with.
  • Shopping with reuse in mind.
  • Inventing useful gadgets from items formally destined for the trash.
  • Keeping your home and office as eco-efficient as possible.
  • How to get yourself off the junk mail lists for good.


Imagine having a use for most of the items you have formally thrown away all your life - from a plastic bag or a styrofoam cup or even a broken swing-set. Discover hundreds of useful ways to make a difference in your community and abroad, save money, and more - simply by treating trash as a resource.



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