"How I survived childhood abuse through writing poetry." "
You will never look at poetry the same way again!

'Rhythm and Rhyme'

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Beginning with her childhood trauma and leading into her journey of finding healing and self worth, the author takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions through 125 poems, in chronological order. Lillian Brummet writes with words as an artist paints with colors and explores various poem-structures - uncommon amongst modern poets.


“Choosing to publish Towards Understanding was a scary endeavor for me; poetry is so personal and reveals my raw self. The courage came from the hope that it would show others that they can live a wholesome life without baggage from the past. It is my hope that professionals can learn what victims of abuse are going through by reading this book, and therefore, they might be able to provide a better support system." ~ Lillian Brummet


Lillian had fun experimenting with different writing styles and altering rhythms with words. Follow the author as she raises her voice in anger, discovers self-awareness and recovers from an intense relationship. You will witness healing, as she becomes aware of the value of her life and dives headfirst into a wholesome relationship. As her inner conflict and personal life settles, you will discover that she starts to question society and strives to understand others. She discovers a love for nature and a dedication to the health of the Earth.

Lillian's award winning poetry appears in five hardcover anthology books and numerous publications in North America, Africa and the UK. She has the honor of attaining "Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry", not once - but twice. She has appeared on numerous talk radio programs speaking about the art of writing poetry, the business of writing in this genre and sharing poems in her own voice.

Dave's cover design for this newly revised edition hints at the theme of 'leaving footprints in the sand' - representing the conscious decision to act on the legacy we choose to leave behind... the underlying theme of this book.



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