Would you like to succeed at promoting your own books?

Discover how to custom design your marketing plan based on your own strengths and budget.


Introducing 'Purple Snowflake Marketing'

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Are you trying your best to market your book(s) and it still seems like you are getting nowhere at the end of the day?

The amount of books that are available on the market at any time is a virtual snowstorm of competition for you to rise above. Like a purple snowflake you can stand out from this flurry with some simple but effective marketing methods.

Purples Snowflake Marketing has been recommended as a valuable tool by more than 10 writing courses since this book was written

Discover free, or frugal, promotional tools, such as:

  • Search engine submissions
  • Website promotion
  • Press release and article distribution
  • Author friendly radio shows, blogs


The truth is, unless you are already a well-known author, no publisher is going to invest money in promoting your work until the sales start coming in. Realistically, any publisher has limited resources to push the books they produce so they must choose which ones to back. It seems logical that a publisher would choose to back those authors that have a proactive and effective plan.

The book offers a realistic outlook on what a new or relatively unknown author can expect and how to make a memorable first impression.

Learn how to customize promotional activities, like:

  • Build name recognition (publicity)
  • Public relations
  • Business plan
  • Sales plan
  • Advertising plan
  • Approaching retailers
  • Working with members of the media
  • Interview advice
  • Book cover and promotion material design tips



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