Trash Talk - It's Easy to be Green


" this book for yourself. But also consider giving it as a gift to others. It may be one of the most durable gifts you have ever bestowed on another person. Its very likely you will earn back the purchase price every month, if you put just a few of this book's wonderful suggestions into practice - and your planet will thank you." ~ Mind Connection E-zine (

"I really enjoyed reading Trash Talk. This is something that should be in every household... I would not hesitate to recommend this book!" ~ Tim Dueck, Public Education Coordinator for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (Canada)

"...I chose the chapter on cereal boxes and bags. It explained everything succinctly and had a benefits summary at the end. I implemented the recommendations and a week later, I went back to the book and read the chapter on brushes and brooms... suddenly, I was reusing more and it was all managable and doable..." ~ Scribe & Quill Magazine (USA)

"...written out of a labour of love for mother Earth. ...the numbers will stun you... a great learning tool for youngsters to start getting involved. ...I have learned many new things that I can put into practice... I strongly recommend this book!" ~ Ameasha Brown (Canada) - book reviewer

" accessible hands-on guide for reducing waste..." ~ Ann Leonard - Global Anti Incinerator Alliance

"...reaching beyond simple recycling, the authors take a look at everyday household items and offer practical - and often downright clever - approaches..." ~ Back Homes Magazine (USA)

"...a most welcomed resource for simple, easily assimilated time and money saving habits that actually make an appreciable difference in our planet's overall health. ...not the typical tree-huggers to me commonly associated with the practice of conservation and recycling... drawn from generations of practical experience ... extremely informative and helpful manual... a call to consciousness..." ~ DeVoll Reviews - Cheers E-zine

"The Brummets believe it is possible to reduce our levels of consumption and waste production and to this end have composed a guidebook for the home on how to do just that. Want to start composting but don't know how? ...this book provides detailed tips on how to renovate, reuse and refurbish common items..." E-Magazine (USA)

"Exceptional motivational book to stimulate and inform environmental champions in the workplace - Recommended!" ~ Eagle Bulletin (South Africa)

"...easy to read... a positive approach.. useful tips and practical ideas on how to take action as consumers and citizens..." ~ Georgina Bloomfield - Friends of the Earth, (UK)

"This is a book to be applauded on many levels: from the succint subtitle to the comprehensive resource section at the end. ...a book for everyday life, to inspire and encourage each of us to make our own contribution..." ~ Issues Magazine (Canada)

"...numerous environmentally friendly and cost-saving benefits to reducing trash and reusing some of those maddening boxes, bags and other containers that plague the life of every consumer..." ~ Judith Porter, author of Coco Twain Tells the Truth

"...I was amazed at the many ways that every item from A-Z could be reused. ... before you throw out anything, have second thoughts and a first look at Trash Talk. Buying this book will save you money!" ~ Kathy Schultz, author of The Convent and the Rose (

"I was greatly pleased with Trash Talk... it tells you not only how to do your part to save the environment, it teaches how to save money while doing it!" ~ Mariposa Jones, author of Sanguine Secrets

" important, informative and well-written book... a must-read for everyone concerned about saving money and our planet's limited resources!" ~ Michelle True (

"...ease of access to information is the major strenght of this book. a detailed table of contents allows quick page turning to a myriad of ideas on how to help save the environment..." ~ Mary Hill - book reviewer for Muse Book Reviews

"Kudos for renaming the 3-R's and making "Refuse" number one!" ~ Nadine Dechiron, former project coordinator for Granby Wilderness Society ( (Canada)

"...each chapter ends with a section on benefits from using the ideas in that chapter by pointing out all the ways you've saved money, improved on natural resources, saved time and perhaps created a new gift. ...a comprehensive, easy to understand manual... I'll never again be able to look at my used dryer sheets in the same light!" ~ On a Whim E-zine (

" to minimize packaging waste, tips on reusing, reducing energy... more than 140 web sites and publications in the resource section..." ~ Reiterate Newsletter (Canada)

"...the authors discuss in alphabetical order various ways to reduce waste, reuse common products... small day-to-day changes that we can all make. Books like these are needed in every language in every culture ...these small steps often contribute to the birth of policy initiatives." ~ Resource conservation and Recycling Journal (Netherlands)

"...Lillian Brummet, daughter of former Ridgecrest resident Joanne Smith, has teamed with her husband to generate an assortment of easy-to-read, easy-to-implement directions designed to get more individuals, families and institutions in on the waste reduction act..." ~ Ridgecrest Daily Independent Newspaper (California, USA)

"...a refreshing book... The authors focus on changing people's mindset to a more open, hopeful and proactive one, not by finger-pointing at corporations and governments - but by starting in people's own homes, at their own desks..." RNet Technology Newsletter (published by Natural Resources Canada)

"Dave and Lillian Brummet have taken on a challenge to educate the public while providing comfortable and agreeable alternatives that will make a real difference. ...Their stunning and perceptive research will lead many of us to implement these simple life-changing habits..." ~ Sherry Russell - book reviewer for Midwest Book Reviews

"...full of information, and will certainly motivate its audience. I recommend this book with the highest rating..." ~ Samia Muqueem, author of Visions of the Soul (www.publishedauthors.samiamuqueem)

"...contains tips ranging from how to use leftover grocery bags to what to do with old toothbrushes... every reader is guaranteed to find many practical tips they can institute in their own lives." ~ Sarah Playle, author of the Distance Between Us (

"...a slightly bigger-picture look at environmentally responsible actions such as picking up trash while walking, reducing energy consumption and organic gardening..." ~ Scrap Magazine (UK)

"...indispensable help for the earth - especially needed in schools and businesses!" ~ Self Care Minder E-zine

" is comforting to know that any effort one makes to reuse items, reduce waste and recycle responsibly, actually does have an impact. ...the research is solid and it educates in a positive, creative and common-sense manner..." ~ South West Blend E-zine

"...refreshing ... uplifting. Most of the ideas presented have been used in their home, most are relatively simple and do not require any unusual tools or skills..." ~ Warmer Bulletin (UK)

"...should be required reading in classrooms..." ~ Wolfgang Schmidt - reader, educator, author

"...unique ...asserts the agency of consumers to influence government and industry..." ~ Yafit Rokach - Parks Quality Assurance (Canada)


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